The Spambots Have Resorted to Insulting Me

If you’ve decided to take up blogging as a hobby, and have made the decision to brave the world of self-hosted blogging, then you know that out from under the aegis of a big blogging community like the spam bots descend upon you like with the fervor of a school of piranhas. Normally their brand of terror come in the form of shallow praise in broken English about the “useful information” the “reader” has gleaned from whatever post they’re attempting to sneak onto with an advertising link to another website. I usually find these funny, so I like to browse a few of them them and get a chuckle before deleting these little cyber demons, banishing them to internet oblivion for all time.

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Boston, the Media, and Public Reaction

At this point everyone in the world has an opinion about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Who did it, how cowardly and evil an act it was, etc. I don’t wildly speculate, and I’m not going to rehash what we already know. Yes, it’s terrible. Tragic. An act of terrorism, either domestic or foreign and time will tell on that front.

But from my personal observations, I have to say: we, as a public, are reacting to this tragedy completely wrong.

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